Our Rovers!

All Rovers supporters have a different version of what Rovers means to them. Individually, all supporters have their own Rovers, what brings us together is our collective pride and our collective passion for the blue and white halves, together, for ‘Our Rovers’

Supporters are the lifeblood of the club, your pride and passion drives the team forward on the pitch. To encourage even more fantastic support, we have FROZEN Season Ticket prices, across all adult, senior and junior price bands for the 19/20 season. In addition, we have extended the 18-21 age band to include all supporters up to the age of 25, with all prices REDUCED in this area to encourage more support from juniors through to adults.

By logging in and browsing the tabs at the top of the page, you will find all the details about your 19/20 Season Ticket package, alongside all you need to know about the 1875 Club and Club Cash scheme.